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Assessed value of land was announced by the ministry of Land on 18th of March.
The residential area of the whole country  -0.4%
The business area of the whole country     0%
This figures does not mean anything, so we should look into the details of this.
The residential area in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya is +0.4%
The residential area in the other area is -1.1%
The business area in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya is +1.8%
The business area in the other area is -1.4%
The semi-annual figures indicates the same tendency.
As a result it shows the differential in land price in Japan is expanding in whole country.

This statics was released on 19th of March.  The whole country sales of department stores is also released at the same day.  So I believe it is much easier to understand the current status when we use this statics together.

The foreigner sales in whole country sales of department indicates the high growth which extends 15 billion yen(+235%)  The sales of Tokyo area is 117.4 billion yen, so it is obvious that contribution of the foreigner sales is high for expansion of the sales.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of cities which recorded a negative growth in local cities.

We can conclude that the property value of the Japanese cities is developing polarized. A fair wind is blowing about the property price in commercial area in Tokyo.  This impact will lead to improvement of the renting supply and demand of the housing market in Tokyo.




The number of the visitors from overseas countries on Feb. of 2015 was 1.38 million (+57.6% yoy) and hit the historical record.  The main reason was that the number of Chinese travelers who is likely to be a big shoppers increased by 159%.  The land price of  commercial area gets a tailwind.

Market watch Feb 2015

March 16,2015


This is from East Japan real estate foundation

the used condominium price /㎡ +8%(yoy)

The new sellers registered at higher price (+5%)